Is it possible to  look around Antonio Hall?

Antonio Hall is private property and uninvited visitors are considered to be trespassing. Additionally earthquake damage has made some parts of the property unsafe for the casual visitor. The property is patrolled by private security in addition to being used for police dog training.

That said it is not unknown for small groups of interested people to be given a bit of a tour. Drop us a line using the contact form and something may be able to be arranged.

Is it possible to contribute to the repair of Antonio Hall?

The February 2011 earthquake seriously damaged the oldest part of the building (the original house).  Whether this will survive and if so how repairs will be funded is yet to be decided.

Other parts of the building have been damaged by vandals and “a group of interested local people” are donating time and effort to cleaning and patching up this damage. We are not yet set up to accept financial donations  but hold regular working bees and can accept time, expertise and even materials from other friends of Antonio Hall. Please use our contact form to get in touch if you have something you would like to contribute.

Is the Hall haunted?

The property manager who has lived there for 15 years reports encountering nothing that might even remotely have been a ghost or haunt. Whatever stories the walls might have to tell they’re keeping to themselves.

I know something about the history of Antonio Hall. Would you like this information?

You bet we would! Our understanding of the Hall’s history is patchy at best and we would like to extend this site to include as much of it as possible.

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